Torre Trout Farms Ltd

Fish worth getting your tackle out for!

Torre Trout Farms Ltd are three fish farms located in Somerset, United Kingdom. | Producers of Tiger Trout, Sparctic Trout, Brown Trout, Somerset Blues and Rainbow Trout

Speciality Trout

Here at Torre Trout Farms ltd, we always try to deliver our customers the very best fish. As well as supplying premium quality Rainbow and Brown trout, we have been working on multiple special trout breeds. 

Somerset Blue

Somerset Blue Trout - Our very own version of the popular blue trout. Our brood stock programme has successfully selected fish for an unrivalled fighting performance as well as the a large range of fantastic blue colours! 

Tiger Trout - A cross between Brown trout and Brook trout, identifiable by their distinct markings. But don't mistaken this for just a pretty trout breed! Our Tiger trout have a real attitude problem! Taking up to 3 years to reach restocking size these guys won't be rushed, but we believe the wait is definitely worth it for anyone lucky enough to hook one!  


Sparctic Trout - A cross between Brook trout and Arctic char, this is a very pretty fish, with distinct marking and fantastic colours. This is a rare breed, as far as we know Torre trout farms ltd are the UK's only producers. Now taking orders for 2019, as our first two years supply have been completely pre-ordered!  


Golden Trout - A rare treat for any angler, very brightly coloured, golden rainbow. Often used as very distinctive prize fish at many fisheries! 

For more details about Speciality Trout Breeds at Torre trout farms ltd, don't hesitate to contact us


Sandy Trout- The pail complexion of the scales makes this trout true to it's not so original name, we do not have many of this variety so pre-ordering is a must!