Torre Trout Farms Ltd

Fish worth getting your tackle out for!

Torre Trout Farms Ltd are three fish farms located in Somerset, United Kingdom. | Producers of Tiger Trout, Sparctic Trout, Brown Trout, Somerset Blues and Rainbow Trout

Mineral line Farm

Fish Species: Brown trout, Tiger trout.

Fish Size: 30 grams up to 5 lb

Number of ponds : 6 earth Ponds of differing sizes & 1 Raceway

Water Quantity: (Not very much)

Water Quality: Highest quality river water we have. 

Buildings: Our brand New 2nd hand shed! 

You'd might find Sam, Owen, Chris (if he's not sitting in a lay-by), Jon and Harry the dog here! 

Jobs: Feeding & Screen cleaning, Grading, pond cleaning, loading delivery vehicles.