Torre Trout Farms Ltd

Fish worth getting your tackle out for!

Torre Trout Farms Ltd are three fish farms located in Somerset, United Kingdom. | Producers of Tiger Trout, Sparctic Trout, Brown Trout, Somerset Blues and Rainbow Trout

2018 Price List

Please note these prices are only a guide, ring us on 01984640086 for your own personal quote.


Size                                Rainbow Trout                     Brown Trout 

Up to 30grams                         Price available upon request

*All Rainbow, Blues and Goldens vaccinated at 30 grams against ERM

**All Browns, Tigers and  Spartics vaccinated at 30 grams against Furunculosis  

Large Rainbows (Price £/lb)          

Size                              Rainbow trout          Somerset Blues             Golden trout

1lb - 1.5 lb                      £2.00                                 £2.80                              £3.12

1.5lb - 2.5lb                   £2.20                                 £3.00                              £3.36

2.5lb - 4lb                       £2.58                                £3.70                               £3.70

4 lb - 10lb                       £3.10                                £4.00                               £4.00


Large Browns

Size                                    Brown Trout          

7" - 10" (Per/Fish)         £ 2.05                               

10" - 12" (Per/Fish)       £3.15                                  

1lb - 2lb (Per /lb)            £4.00                             

2lb - 4lb (Per/lb)             £4.80                             

Specialty Trout

Size                                  Tiger Trout      Sparctic Trout

7" - 10" (per fish)              £4.00                    £4.40

10"-12" (per fish)             £5.00                   £6.10

12" -16" (per fish)              £7.00                     £7.40

16"+        (per fish)              £8                          £10


Delivery Information

Loads of up to 500lbs in weight are subject to a delivery cost of 70p/Mile

Loads between 500lbs - 2000lbs are subject to a delivery cost of £1.20 /Mile   

Our minimum order is £250, advise early ordering as with enough notice we can often schedule multiple deliveries saving you money. 

Payment Terms

All payments to be made on delivery of Fish

Payment form can be BACS, Cheques (made payable to Torre Trout Farms Ltd) or Cash. 

Further enquiries and Availability

All fish sold are subject to a CEFAS registration and Environment Agency Site Permit. Both easily obtainable and we would be happy to help you if you need to apply.

For further individual queries or concerns please contact us with the button below.