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Torre Trout Farms Ltd are three fish farms located in Somerset, United Kingdom. | Producers of Tiger Trout, Sparctic Trout, Brown Trout, Somerset Blues and Rainbow Trout

The Golden Ticket

So we now rear the beautiful Golden trout, this is a story of love and hate (or dislike).

Love of the sight of these majestic animals gliding in the glistening water, the excitement the thrill when it surfaces and realise you really have hooked something special and different. 

Dislike from the fisherman that says they look like goldfish or golden orfe  (they don't) and have no interest in catching a "ornamental fish".

Although they are harder to farm than the bog standard Rainbow trout, here at Torre we really have taken to them and there seems to be a cunning escapee in most ponds!

Whether you chose to release, keep or even fish for these magical trout the choice is yours, but if your lucky enough to catch one and pose for a photo you will always remember catching that Golden ticket. 



1.5lb Golden, all fish look small in Sam "Willy Wonka's" tree trunk arms! 

Open day 2017

So this year we decided to change the time of year of our open day. We have previously held it on the last weekend of September as the sales quieten down for the season. Last year saw the first Torre Trout Farms fishing competition held at Hawkridge Reservoir. Changing the date of the open day was really aimed at trying to get the best chance of great fishing conditions!

Abertillery Anglers were the first to arrive again this year showing as much enthusiasm, humour and partaking in their clubs favourite past time taking the piss out of Rich!

After initial  tea and coffee's the open day party had a tour around the hatchery and then the tanks at Torre. Looking at the Sparctics, Somerset blue brood stock as well as learning about how we manage White Spot.

Then we drove in convoy the 2.5 miles to the roadwater site where the team walked through the farm showing the ponds, the fish and machinery we use there. 

Everyone to hawkridge for lunch, which was kindly put on by Wessex water. The reservoir looked fantastic and surprisingly full considering the lack of rain we have had so far this year!    

Feedback of the day included: 

"Very interesting tour & delicious lunch"  

"Didn't realise there was so much work required to produce fish!" 

"The Sparctics look fantastic, can't wait to catch one!"

Fishing conditions were tough but with fish caught on Hawkridge the morning of the open day the mood was optimistic!

The competition was won again by Jake Belgium (see picture) again a member of the Wessex water ranger team! (we're going to have to start applying handycaps if they keep winning! :-) 

Chris Britnell claimed a very dubious victory amongst Torre trout farms fishermen! Apparently hooking and loosing a fish is better than not catching one at all! 

Again good fun had by all, we all thought it was good to meet our customers and show them what we do!  The team enjoyed a few Ciders in the local to celebrate a successful day! 



Jake receiving the much coveted Torre trout farms shield. 

Jake receiving the much coveted Torre trout farms shield. 

My life as a fish wife - Chimene

I met Owen at Plymouth Polytechnic in the dark ages of the 1980’s – he was doing a degree in fisheries science so I should have realised that my life would revolve around water. We started our married life at a trout farm in South Wales and our 3 children were bought wellies before they had their first pairs of shoes. As with most types of farming – the farm came first – not only is it livestock but alsothe water adds an unpredictable element


 As I am sure all the other partners’ wives will agree the life of a fish farmer involves long hours – starting before the sun is up to load the lorry for deliveries and finishing last thing at night with a walk round to check the farm. (With the occasional call out during the night because alarms have gone off) However if my experience is anything to go by it has its rewards. After school every day the children loved helping to feed the fish (Jonathan spent too much time in the water though so you had to have eyes in the back of your head) They saw a lot more of their father than they would have if he had a “normal” job.

 In my day job I am an accountant, so at Torre Trout Farms I have been involved in helping prepare accounts, setting up cash flows etc and showing Laura the tricks of the trade. As with any small business keeping control of all the costs are paramount to ensure that the business can continue to trade. When Owen works at the weekend I help with the routine tasks – although I am not brave enough to walk on the walls to clean out the raceways!