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Fairytale of (Tiger Trout in) New York!

The remarkable tale of how our tiger trout very nearly didn't happen! Allow me to set the scene, it all began 3 years ago, December 2014 seemed an ordinary December. The sales to our regular customers had slowed or stopped, attention turned to readying our hatchery for the imminent supply of trout eggs. At this time we got all our eggs from a Danish company. The December 2014 egg shipment was extra special, as included in this delivery for the very first time was Tiger trout eggs! 10,000 of them!  

Tiger trout

Regular email correspondence with the Danish egg farm showed our excitement. The delivery day was set, someone would have to go to Heathrow cargo terminal and collect the shipment. Richard drew the short straw this time, having scheduled a delivery en route to Heathrow, he set off early. After a successful delivery and swiftly heading onwards he received a phone call. It was from the egg company, the news wasn't good! The tiger trout eggs packed the previous day had managed to get themselves onto the wrong flight! Instead of heading to Heathrow, they were now flying to New York!

There was little that could be done, except sit and wait! Trying to keep calm, but the news kept getting worse! No cargo flights back to Heathrow until the following lunchtime. The next day we waited for a phone call from the shipping agent, it didn't come! Finally managing to get hold of someone they confirmed our parcel of live eggs had disappeared. A real computer says" no !" It was at this stage, everyone had given up hope of receiving the eggs alive if at all. 

Until... 2 days later we received a phone call at around 3 pm, saying that our shipment was ready to collect at Heathrow. This was now 5 days after the eggs had been packed, we all thought there was no chance of the anything being alive inside the box. We explained to the shipping agent and she stated that if we did not come and collect our shipment (of probably dead eggs) they will send it to us via a very expensive courier and fine us! Richard (again drawing the short straw) left the farm equipped with (very optimistically) a couple of bags of ice stollen from Laura's G&T stash to collect the shipment. Remembering half way to Heathrow that it was his wife's birthday and he hadn't got her anything! He pulled in and bought some garage forecourt flowers and a bottle of her favourite wine! (Perhaps you can guess why this is an essential part of the story....)


So having got through all the security checks required to collect a shipment from Heathrow. Richard waited for a cargo adviser to  become free. This was when it dawned on him the schoolboy error he had just made! To be able to receive (in this case,) a (probably dead) box of trout eggs you must pay an import duty! 7 times he claimed to have told the tiger trout egg tale to the "lovely" lady cargo adviser. We don't know what he said on the 7th instalment as it did the trick! He managed to leave the cargo terminal with both a box of Tiger trout eggs and having not paid a penny on import duty! Mind you it was 11:30pm by the time he had applied his G&T ice and left!

After driving back to the farm, Richard placed the eggs in a hatchery trough. He decided it was worth the gamble as there was hatchery space available as no other eggs were scheduled to arrive for a few weeks!  The hatched out rate wasn't great but still much better than expected considering they spent almost 6 days in polystyrene box! 

The last three years have taught us that tiger trout are much harder to farm than anything else we have tried! They seem to be particularly susceptible to fungus as the day length shortens, as well as taking an age to grow and put on any weight! We are proud to be on the very exclusive list of Tiger trout farmers and hope you you (the fisherman) enjoy them as much as us! Speak to Richard about price and availability.... In the mean time enjoy the video!