Torre Trout Farms Ltd

Fish worth getting your tackle out for!

Torre Trout Farms Ltd are three fish farms located in Somerset, United Kingdom. | Producers of Tiger Trout, Sparctic Trout, Brown Trout, Somerset Blues and Rainbow Trout

A Superhero in Waders!

A baby sam!

A baby sam!

Hey everyone. I'm Calley, Sams Wife. Other names I go by include; Mummy, Fish farmers' widow and Grumpy..(he likes to think it's funny) *rolling eyes*

So I've been asked to write this little blog to give you an insight into being a fish farmers wife. Honestly.....I think you might be better off asking the same question to the fish, we often joke that he is married to his job, and the fish know him a lot better than I do! 

In spite of his long work hours, our marriage is pretty much 50/50..

  • I cook - He eats
  • I wash clothes - He wears them
  • I set certain rules for the kids - He contradicts all of them
  • I shop - He pays...
Fishfarmers truck

Altogether a pretty good team!

There has been quite a few occasions when he's brought his work home with him. Shamefully most of the time it ends up in the freezer, to be forgotten about for some time and ultimately gets fed to Broc (our iron gutted, daft as a brush staffy). But I not am complaining, as I'm not a huge fan of eating trout, I prefer to see them swimming in the ponds at Torre!  

On a serious note though, Sam works bloody hard taking care of those lovely trout. From our point of you, we are lucky he didn't just find a job 13 years ago but instead found a passion! Since becoming a partner in the business, this passion has gone from strength to strength!  

Most superheroes are known for wearing a cape, fashioning underwear over tights and driving a gadget on wheels. Mine?..Mine has a bushy beard, wears waders and drives a landrover older than he is..and I luvvim!