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Torre Trout Farms Ltd are three fish farms located in Somerset, United Kingdom. | Producers of Tiger Trout, Sparctic Trout, Brown Trout, Somerset Blues and Rainbow Trout

Our first blog...

We've decided to have a go at blogging all aspects of our farms, here's our first attempt....

You'll be glad to hear all our fish are feeding very well in the current mild weather. Either that or they're getting excited at the prospect of their impeding house move! Fish will start leaving the farm early February with the middle of February already looking very busy for the fish lorry, pickup truck and partner Chris! 

Our hatchery located on the Torre site is bursting. Currently about 10 hours of care spent egg picking, treating and hand feeding a day. The 400,000 trout ova, alevin and swim ups are certainly keeping us busy, but the sound of running water and the clicking of Meurigs clockwork feeders, makes it a very calming place to be. 

We have bought in 350,000 trout eggs, sourced predominantly from Dabie Fish Hatchery (Google them to see some great fish photos!). They are a trout farm that specialises in brood stock and trout egg production, located in Poland. We found them two years ago whilst on the search for speciality trout varieties. In previous dealings we have found great knowledge and service, so this year have increased our order to include Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Tiger trout, Sparctic trout and Golden trout eggs. We collected the shipment of trout eggs from Heathrow on the 15th of December, they were packaged within an iced polystyrene box.

We have successfully produced a batch of Somerset blue eggs, from our own brood-stock we set aside last May. A big thank you needed for Dave Fuller, of Exmoor Fisheries who helped Triploid a batch, with continued care and attention we should have triploided Somerset blues for sale in Spring 2019. 

Other activities currently happening on the farm include: Growth forecasting, Pond cleaning, Fish grading, building and installing new otter proof screens.

*Look below to see some pictures*

So there it was our first attempt, please subscribe below and email us with anything specific you would like us to cover in future blog updates.  

Happy New Year 

Torre Trout Farms