Torre Trout Farms Ltd

Fish worth getting your tackle out for!

Torre Trout Farms Ltd are three fish farms located in Somerset, United Kingdom. | Producers of Tiger Trout, Sparctic Trout, Brown Trout, Somerset Blues and Rainbow Trout

My life as a fish wife - Chimene

I met Owen at Plymouth Polytechnic in the dark ages of the 1980’s – he was doing a degree in fisheries science so I should have realised that my life would revolve around water. We started our married life at a trout farm in South Wales and our 3 children were bought wellies before they had their first pairs of shoes. As with most types of farming – the farm came first – not only is it livestock but alsothe water adds an unpredictable element


 As I am sure all the other partners’ wives will agree the life of a fish farmer involves long hours – starting before the sun is up to load the lorry for deliveries and finishing last thing at night with a walk round to check the farm. (With the occasional call out during the night because alarms have gone off) However if my experience is anything to go by it has its rewards. After school every day the children loved helping to feed the fish (Jonathan spent too much time in the water though so you had to have eyes in the back of your head) They saw a lot more of their father than they would have if he had a “normal” job.

 In my day job I am an accountant, so at Torre Trout Farms I have been involved in helping prepare accounts, setting up cash flows etc and showing Laura the tricks of the trade. As with any small business keeping control of all the costs are paramount to ensure that the business can continue to trade. When Owen works at the weekend I help with the routine tasks – although I am not brave enough to walk on the walls to clean out the raceways!